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Related post: Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 12:19:43 +1000 From: Trevor Johnson Subject: Rebirth Chapter 3REBIRTHCHAPTER THREEWritten by TrevorConsultant JPGConsultant RolandEditor JackEditor EdPlease note this story contains boy-to-boy sexual activity and if you don't enjoy this kind of story read no further.This story is completely fiction and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is wholly coincidental. preteens girls nonnude This story may not be published, or reprinted, without the express permission of the author.By the time they got back to the hotel Davey felt tired and excusing himself from Gloria went up to his room falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. He must have been asleep for a couple of hours before Gloria woke him up by knocking on the door telling him it was little ukrainian preteen time for dinner. He used his bathroom splashing water onto his face to wake him up before heading downstairs to beautiful preteen nude eat,Just about all the gang was there, including some he hadn't seen before but Gloria introduced everyone to him as he sat down. He winced as his butt felt the chair underneath him and noticing this Gloria got him a cushion. He accepted it but felt embarrassed that everyone was looking at him but no one made any comments after all some of them had suffered just as much as Davey, before they were saved from that terrible institution.He couldn't get his head around the fact that everyone was so friendly and helpful and not for the first time since he was katya preteen model saved preteens models 12yo by Carlos indian preteen boy did he think that he had died and gone to heaven. After dinner, he joined some of the guys in the TV room but soon began to feel tired again and headed off to bed.Meanwhile in the room next to him Gloria and her ex-husband Andy were talking, you may recall that Andy divorced Gloria years ago but was now back in her life. "I can't understand or make out preteen boy cartoons this change in you. Not that long ago you were condemning our son preteen index of Jacob because he was gay, cursing and calling him all the names under preteen latino girl the sun trying to make him straight, yet here you are now helping a gay young man and thinking about adopting him.""It took me years to realize how wrong I had been condemning Jacob and all homosexuals, but I now know gays are made that way and I have to accept images preteen free it. Poor Davey so far has had a hard life with rape, abuse and mistreatment of the worst kind. He needs a break and at the same time, my mind is telling me this is one way I can make amends."Andy thought to himself, this is the Gloria I first married, not the one she turned out to be.Meanwhile earlier in the day, Luke had presented himself at Harold's court room and received arrest warrants for the boys who assaulted Davey along with Doctor Buchanan, Garrett's mother who was also Davey's psychiatrist. His next call was to the El Paso police department requesting backup with the arrests. At first, he had a problem with this because Dr. Buchanan is a very close friend with the district attorney, and the police department didn't want to become involved. Getting frustrated at being given the run-a-round he finally got onto the original arresting officer, Detective Alvarez, who as we know was keen to get Garrett and his gang brought to justice. The good detective was able to persuade several other members of the El Paso police department to help him and they met up with Luke just down the street from Dr. Buchannan's house. Luke explained that she had her consulting rooms at the house. He proposed to arrest the doctor first and, if he was at home, her son Garrett as well, "I don't think we'll have much of a problem with the other three guys because they're followers not leaders."It was a shock to the receptionist when five police officers entered her office demanding to see Dr. Buchanan. "She's got a patient with her at the moment." "In which case rather than upset her patient I suggest you call her out here telling her it's an emergency." The receptionist picked up the phone and relayed the message and within seconds, the doctor came out to reception. Margaret Buchanan was a short dumpy woman aged in her forties with straight brown hair."What's happening, what's the problem here?" "Are you Margaret Buchanan?" "Yes, officer what is the problem?" sexy preteen pantyhose "My name is Luke Hughes, Captain of the Texas Rangers and I have a warrant for your arrest on the charge of rape and serious assault of a minor and being charged as a gang member you will be tried not by an El Paso judge but by one appointed by the Governor of Texas."Doctor Buchanan turned all shades of red and purple spluttering and gasping for words as detective Alvarez put her hands behind her back and handcuffed her. "I never raped anyone what a ridiculous thing to accuse me of, how dare you come in here making these wild accusations. Get these handcuffs off me at once, I'll soon get this sorted out and when I do your badge, in fact all your badges will be on the line."She turned to her receptionist instructing her to get onto the DA at once and tell him what was happening. preteen underage bbs "The DA won't be able to help you Ma'am this is out of his jurisdiction, I suggest you call your lawyer and arrange for him to meet me and you at Judge Harold Evans' courtroom which is where you will be taken and placed in a holding cell." "But, but I had nothing to do with any rape or assault, I know cherry preteen video my son has been accused of this but the district attorney told me that they he preteen nudist films won't be charged because there is some doubt this boy was being raped or willingly agreeing and giving my son and his friends the come on." "I've got news cute preteen nympho for you, I also have warrants to arrest your son and the rest of your gang." "My gang, I don't have a gang this is preposterous, I've never heard such rubbish in my life.""I suggest that for now you keep your mouth shut and not say anything until you have heard the charges and spoken with your lawyer." Just then, the door to the private part of the house opened and her son Garrett appeared wondering what all the shouting was about. "What's going on mom, why are you in handcuffs?" "Quick son, run and get out of here." Garrett turned around to go back the way he came but three police officers grabbed him, putting him in handcuffs. Luke read the charges and so on before instructing his colleagues to put them in separate vehicles for transportation to the new detention facility and courtroom on the outskirts of El Paso. Protesting all the way out to the police cruisers the Doctor and her son were bundled into separate vehicles and driven away.Once they were in a holding cell at the facility, Luke and his preteen pics erotic helpers headed off to pick up the other gang members who came along quietly, with very worried looks on their faces. Thanking Detective Alvarez and the rest of the squad who helped with the arrest, Luke then informed the judge's secretary that they were all being held in the cells out back. She informed Luke that several lawyers had already arrived and were talking with the accused and the judge would have them in front of him when he had finished his list for the day.Luke hung around the courtroom until Harold had finished preteen strip poker before heading for the judges office. He told Harold how he had them locked up and that they were lawyered up."Well get out there and let's get the show on the road, as they say." Harold instructed his bailiffs to bring the accused into court. Once he had been informed that they were ready and waiting, he entered the courtroom. Instructing the bailiff to read the charges he looked around noticing that three sets of anxious looking parents in the gallery, while each of the boys had a lawyer and so did Dr. Buchanan. Once the charges had been read he asked for a plea and the five of them said not guilty."Because this is a gang related offence I feel that bail would be inappropriate at this time." All five lawyers jumped up at once and began talking. Harold held up his hand for silence and when he had he said, "It might be better gentlemen if you took it in turns to speak otherwise we will be here all night. Dr. Buchanan, russian preteen beauties I will hear from your man first.""Thank you your honour, May I say that Dr. Buchanan is totally innocent of all charges and shouldn't even be standing before you right now. She is not a member of a gang as the charges laid down state, but a highly respected member of the medical profession." "I was under the impression that we were talking about bail not trying the case right here and now. I issued the arrest warrants because the Texas Rangers convinced me that there was enough evidence for these five people to be tried in a court of law. From what I have been told, Dr. Buchanan was the instigator of this attack, but as I said, this is just a bail hearing. The normal procedure in gang related cases in this court is for the defendants to be held without bail until the court hearing.""Your honour I would agree if this was a normal preteen pink galleries run of the mill gang, but this isn't even a gang never mind a bunch of thugs from a bad part of town. I have seen the cells you have in this facility and beg you to grant the good doctor bail.""I agree the cells here are not designed to cater for women, but your client is under arrest and the charges are serious. But I can also be a reasonable man and I will allow Dr. Buchanan to be granted bail for the sum of one million dollars plus her passport will be held by the court and she must report to the Texas Rangers once a day."Garrett's lawyer jumped up next requesting similar conditions for his client. Harold was silent magic preteen models for a moment as if making his mind up before saying, "I'm sorry but the charges against Garrett Buchanan also include stabbing and attempted murder of a school principal, far more serious than any of the others have been charged with therefore bail is out of the question for this young man."Dr. Buchanan let out an almighty scream yelling that her son was too young to be locked up in such a place."Will you please divine preteen model instruct your client to remain silent otherwise I will withdraw her bail offer and she can have the cell next to her son." Sobbing quietly Margaret Buchanan slumped down in her chair. The Lawyers for the other three asked for bail for their clients and Harold granted them their wish releasing all three into their parents care. "These three young men are followers not leaders, therefore I don't think they are a threat to the community, but I give them fair warning if they go anywhere near the El Paso high school or attempt to make contact with those they hurt they will be joining Garrett Buchanan in this facility."It was about two thirty in the morning, when Gloria and Andy were awakened by an almighty scream. At first, they had no idea where it was coming from until another scream went echoing through the hotel preteen fuck download corridors. Both jumped out of bed rushing out into the corridor it was then that they realized the noise was coming from the room next door, Davey's room. Rushing in they found Davey curled up in a ball right in the corner of his bedroom, screaming and whimpering like a baby.Gloria rushed over to Davey taking him in her arms speaking softly and gently to him, at first he pulled away yelling for her not to touch him. Until he realized who it was, then he burst into tears clinging to her. She continued to sooth him as he shook continually in her arms. Andy just art preteen bbs stood there not knowing what to do next. Several other members of the family came in, wondering what was happening, but Gloria told them to quietly go away, and she will handle it. She asked Andy to go video preteen slut to the kitchen and get them a preteen suck movies hot drink of chocolate or something like that and he left to do her bidding. Gradually Davey calmed down but kept hanging on to Gloria, who held him in her arms gently rocking him as you would a baby.Andy came back in with mugs of hot chocolate for them all and Gloria lifted Davey onto the bed. They all sat not speaking, sipping their drink, then Davey spoke, "I'm so sorry Gloria for waking you and Andy I had a terrible dream and it felt so real as if it was happening all over again." He began sobbing again and Gloria calmed him down once more. For the first time Andy spoke up. "You take Davey into our bed and I'll sleep here tonight." She agreed half-carrying and half-walking Davey to the room next door. She put him into bed slowly rocking him once more in her arms until he fell asleep.Next morning when he woke Davey wondered where the hell he was, he looked at the figure sleeping next to him dog rape preteen and wondered how come he was in bed with Gloria. He lollipop model preteen had no idea how he came to be in her bed and where was Andy? Davey moving around woke Gloria and preteen model tiny she had trouble-convincing Davey that he had a nightmare, because he had no recollection of anything happening. Andy came in to get ready for work and Davey went to his own room for a shower and get ready for school. Downstairs in the illegal preteen dining room nobody mentioned last night and as he nude pic preteen was leaving to catch a bus to school Alex offered him a lift, which he gratefully accepted.On preteen hardcore young the way to school Alex said, "I hope you don't mind Davey, but we talked about you last night and all the guys agreed that you hang out with us. We also agreed that one or more of us will be with you at all times while you're at school, even when you go to the bathroom someone will be looking out for you, walking you to class everywhere." "You, you guys don't have to do that for me." He stammered. "Yes we do, while the guys who hurt you are no longer at school there are others who don't understand our way of life." "I can't thank you guys for the help you're giving me." He began to tear up, trying very hard to hold them back. Matt put his arm around Davey hugging him close saying, "Don't worry, your with friends now Davey and us friends stick together and look out for each other."He walked into school with the rest of them joining the line-up for breakfast and when he got it, he moved to the table where everyone else was sitting. There was a vacant seat, between Alex and Carlos, who had Kimberly by his side while Matt as always was next to Alex. When he went to sit down everyone was grinning and he soon understood why. He forgot his cushion when he left the hotel this morning and russian preteen underground someone had picked it up bringing it to school and there it was on the vacant seat. "Thanks you guys." He said grinning bashfully.When the bell rang Carlos said, "Come on young buddy, Kimberly and I will go with you to your first class."They headed off first to their lockers to collect books and then towards Davey's first class. Both Carlos and Davey began to feel self-conscious because everyone who walked past was staring at dorki preteen them and whispering. Kimberly could see Carlos was getting a bit mad while Davey was looking nervous. "Don't let them get to you guys, you're the flavour of the month right now, but they'll soon find something else to talk about." She was holding Carlos' hand giving it a gentle squeeze to help calm him down. They got to the classroom door and Davey didn't go in right away. He had a scared look on his face. Kimberly kissed him on the cheek saying, "Don't worry everything will be all right and someone loguestbook preteens nude will be outside when the bell goes, if not just wait in the classroom till they get here." Carlos held out his knuckles and the two boys touched before Davey went inside. Of course, everyone stared at him until roll call. The lesson went quite quick and when he left the classroom, Alex and Matt were waiting for him a bit out of breath because they had ran some distance to be there waiting for him. They asked if he was going ok and he nodded yes. "I've been talking with my security and Jacob has with his guys, and if for any reason none of us can be here for you one of them will escort you to your next class or locker or whatever." In a very quiet almost timid sounding voice Davey thanked them, while Alex leaning in close to Davey's ear young preteen masterbation said, "They'll even go with you to the bathroom but they won't hold your dick for you." All three of them laughed g string preteen and that made Davey feel a bit better.Lunchtime soon came around and once again, Carlos was there to rape preteen mpeg go with him to the cafeteria, and when bbs sun preteen they had their food, they joined the others at the table. This time when Davey sat down next to Carlos and Kimberly, Johnny Walker was sitting on the other side. Davey didn't know Johnny except that he sat at the guys table. After eating in silence for a while, listening to the preteen young nymphets general conversation Johnny introduced himself and the two of them being the youngest pair at the table began chatting between themselves because they had more in common than the older guys. Johnny explained how he came to be in El Paso telling Davey all about his father's job with the Governor and how he too had only started at El Paso high a couple of months before Davey had.It didn't take long for Davey to begin to feel comfortable with his new friend, plus they discovered they had a couple of classes together. Johnny leaned in closer to Davey saying, "Maybe we can hang out together from time to time?" Davey paused a worried look on his face before answering, "I'm not a very sociable person right now." "Look, I preteen pussy freepics know what happened to you and I'm thankful that it wasn't me but I would like us to just be friends for now, just friends nothing else because I reckon you could do with all the friends you can get right now." Davey began to get tears in his eyes and Johnny panicked about this thinking he might have said too much too soon. He reached over to grab hold of Davey's hand, but Davey yanked it away saying in a voice just a little bit too loud, "Don't touch me."Carlos turned towards them to see what was going on, just in time to see Davey burst into tears. Poor Johnny looked devastated and worried, "Sorry Carlos I was just trying to be friends preteen models club but Davey's not quite ready for new friends right now. Davey I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you, let's just be friends and watch out for each other just for now all right?" Davey nodded and Carlos said, "Johnny you have to realize what this guy's gone through and it's going to be free privat preteens a while, in fact he never will forget new preteen nudists what happened so we all have to be patient with him." "I understand that Carlos and I'll be careful, come erotic preteen toplist on Davey lets preteen model toon walk to class together that's if you want to?" He nodded in agreement wiping his tears from his face with his sleeve. They both got up together heading out of the door to class.Meanwhile Dr. Buchanan was not having a good day. She'd cancelled all her patients for the day, although some of them who had dream girls preteen heard the news beat her to the punch and had already cancelled. She called the pre teen modfe District Attorney, was told he was in german preteen nudist conference and couldn't be disturbed, and after getting the same sort of message all morning every time she rang she began to realize that he was avoiding her. The same thing happened when she called the police chief. She started to get mad because many times, she had perjured herself in court to help both of them out and it looked as if it had been a one-way street. Her own Lawyer rang arranging a meeting for tomorrow to begin planning her defence. "How can these morons try me as a gang member?" "Well, they are using an obscure law and intend to prove that you convinced your son to gang up on David Carson and murder him because he is a homosexual." "What, that's fucking ridiculous, how can they possibly prove that? I did pass some information on to Garrett telling him that the kid was a faggott and needed to be denmark preteen nude taught a lesson, maybe just rough him up a bit but not murder.""No one to the best of my knowledge has been tried and convicted in Texas using this law incest preteen directory but prosecutions in other states have resulted in conviction." That news made the doctor feel scared, while she wasn't too worried about her son, if he did time he would be out after about fifteen years and still have a lot of his life left, and anyway it would toughen him up even more, but preteens topsites if she did jail time. She stopped thinking about it visibly shaking at the thought. "You just make sure that I don't go to prison and tell that arsehole of a DA that if I go down I'll take him with me, I have enough on him to cook his preteen naked topsite goose well and truly."She slammed the phone down before her lawyer could answer, poured herself an almost tumbler full of bourbon gulping it down as she cursed the judge, the Texas rangers, the Governor and the world in general.Sally spent most of the day at the hotel, Helen had arranged for her to have a small reception room as an office complete with a phone and she had been trying to contact her counterpart here in El Paso but to no avail. Her son Luke came in to see how she was doing and he could tell her frustration was getting the better of her. "Why don't you head back home mom? That way you'll hang on to your old job. I've got things pretty much under control here, with a meeting with the state attorney's office tomorrow to talk about handling the case against Doctor Buchanan and her gang." He laughed when he said that and Sally lightened up a bit laughing along with him. "I can't go yet until I'm certain that Davey is safe and not going to be forced back into that horrible group home under that bitch who calls herself a social worker. She should have been arrested along with Dr. Buchanan because she was the one responsible for sending Davey to her in the first place after telling the doctor that he was gay and needed to taught and lesson and anya preteen straightened out.""I don't think right now we have enough evidence to catch her but don't worry those sorts screw up eventually and get their just desserts.""I don't know what I would have done without you son, I could never have achieved all this without your help. The doctor, her son and his cohorts would have got away with it if I didn't have you." She leaned over to give her son a hug and a kiss on the cheek just as Harold knocked on the open door. "Were would we be without our mothers Luke?" They all laughed but Sally noticed that the judge was looking very pale and drawn. "You preteens stockings look tired Harold, maybe your overdoing things a bit." Sally remarked. "I'm just sick and tired of all this bigotry and hate which is happening right now, when will people realize that gay people are made that way, it's not something chat preteen com in the air like a bug which you catch, your born that way. Do you think the time will come when everyone in the world comes to understand that fact?" "I don't think that day will ever come child nude preteen in our time Harold or even our children's time, maybe after that who knows."All three preteen model amanda sat around for a while thinking about that last statement but unable to provide an answer. They were brought out of their daydreaming by the shrill bell on the telephone. Sally answered and the other two could hear the screaming and shouting coming down the line. Sally just sat there listening unable to get a word in until whoever was on the other end stopped talking. "Now that you've finished with your abusive language just listen to me. There is no way I will allow David Carson to go back into that group home to be abused and hurt even more than he is now. You have a lot to answer for and preteen seks illegal if I can find a way to have you arrested and thrown in jail I will without thinking twice about it. Until this mess can be sorted out David will be staying in the safety of this hotel, hostel call it what euro models preteen you will. Here he is with loving caring people, not a bunch of Faggott hating misfits that this cities social services department consists of." She slammed the phone down turned to her son and Harold, "I feel so much better now I've got that off my chest." "You realize mum that you have ruined any chance of keeping your job." "I don't care I models ls preteen am sick and tired of the type of people the government employs to be in charge of preteen underwear video highly vulnerable children.""What is she threatening to do Sally?" "She intends to get a court order to come and take Davey back cute angel preteen by force if need be and we just can't allow that. It would kill the poor boy." She began crying with Luke consoling her while Harold left them alone. He came back in about ten minutes later with Gloria and Andy senior. Once they were all sat down, Harold took control. "Gloria, were you sincere and honest when you said that you would love to be able to adopt Davey?" "I certainly was, and I will do anything to make that happen Harold." "Andy, are you also happy about this arrangement your ex-wife is proposing, would you support her in bringing up Davey in a happier, safe hungarian preteen girls environment?" "Yes I would in fact I would even go as far as to re-marry my ex-wife if she'll have me to make it more legal and above board."That remark stunned everyone into silence especially Gloria who never saw it coming but over the past few weeks had been thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea. Harold got over the shock first, "Well that's for you two work out together and if it does happen can I be the first to offer my congratulations, but we won't need to go that far just yet." He laughed and the others joined in. "Seriously we haven't got a lot of time to work on this and get all the paperwork in order. Would nymphs preteens angels the both of you be happy adopting Davey as your son?" "Yes, oh yes." Gloria said with Andy Snr. Nodding his head enthusiastically. "We will have to make sure Davey will be happy with this arrangement and he should be home from school with the rest of the gang very soon." No sooner had Harold said that when the sound of young voices could be heard heading to the dining room for their regular afternoon snack.Gloria went out to call Davey into the room and it was a very nervous young man who came back with her. "Don't worry Davey it's nothing bad, in fact it's something very good, I just need to ask boy gay preteen you a question and make sure you are happy with what we are proposing." Harold said. Davey nodded his head as Harold continued, "Your social worker is trying to get a court order so she can take you away from here and put you back in the group home."Davey interrupted him yelling, "NO, NO, I'll kill myself first before going back there." He turned crying to Gloria, "Please, oh please don't make me go pussy preteens pictures back." "It's all right Davey; just listen to what the judge has to say." She held Davey in her arms as Harold continued. "Gloria and Andy have indicated that they would be willing to adopt you and make you their son, but before we can do that I need to make sure that this is what you want. I can still bring an injunction against your caseworker preventing her from taking you away for now. So I need to know are you happy with Gloria and Andy's proposal to adopt you and make you their own?"Without even thinking twice about it, sweat nude preteens Davey said, "Yes, yes, oh yes Gloria you can be the real mother which I never had, preteen thumb nudes and I will try very hard to be a good son just like your other sons have been." Well that did it. I don't think there was a dry eye among all those in the room including the tough judge, Harold Evans. Even Luke preteen japan xxx was tearing up, while Sally was blubbering like a child. Once everyone had settled down Harold said, "We will convene a makeshift court here in the hotel after Luke and I have prepared the paperwork. I'll ask Mr Jackson head of security if he will be my bailiff. Once the paperwork is done we will legally hold a sitting of the court, I'll ask one of the other security officers to document and record the proceedings so they have no comeback at all."Davey still holding on to Gloria thanked everyone, "I will never be able to thank you all enough for helping me, it feels like I'm being reborn and starting my life all over again. Can I go and call Carlos and tell him my news?""Of course you can Davey, and I'd better go out there and tell our family especially my son Jacob that he has a new brother and also surprise him with the news that Andy and I are going to get remarried, that really will be a shock."Everyone started to leave the room to go do whatever they had to do. Luke and Harold went to draw up the necessary forms and paperwork while Andy and Gloria hand in hand for the first time in many years went into the dining room to make the big announcement, while Davey got on the phone to talk to Carlos.Carlos was in his room with Kimberly supposedly doing homework but not much was being done in that direction. They were lying on the bed making out when his mother knocked on the preteen little april door to say Davey was on the phone. "Ok mom could you tell him we'll be down in a minute." They both jumped off the bed adjusting their clothing because the scene had been getting a bit heavy. Carlos was preteen models tgp having trouble hiding his erection from his girlfriend and she pretended not to notice but was also getting a bit excited at the sight of that big bulge in the front of his jeans. While Kimberly was still a virgin she had been having quite a few thoughts lately about making love and going all the way with Carlos and this thought was certainly mutual as far as he was concerned. Still they put these thoughts to the back of their minds as they headed down stairs to find out what Davey wanted."Hi little buddy what's up? Kimberly's here so I'll put you on speaker phone if that's ok?""I've got no problems about that it's good that she is there to hear my news anyway.""And what news is that Davey?" "Gloria and Andy Senior are going to adopt me and make me their son."Both Carlos and Kimberly let out a cheer when they heard the good news. "That's great news Davey and when is this going to happen? Because we'd like to be there, to be art picture preteen among the first to congratulate you." "You'd better hurry amazing preteen nymphets over to the hotel then because I think Harold plans to make it legal tonight." "We'll be right over if mom can give us a lift."They hung up the phone and Carlos kissed Kimberly before remarking, "At last things look like they are going right for that poor kid."The only kid not feeling happy right then was Garrett who young nude preteens had a bad day sitting in his tiny cell with nothing to do except sit preteen nudist fun on his bed staring at the cell wall. He was mad as hell that his attorney hadn't been to see him because he promised he would, and due to some sort of mix up or maybe it was deliberate he didn't know but he heard all the other prisoners being taken out in turn for their exercise but the warders bypassed real preteen butt his cell. Left with his own thoughts he was getting madder and madder, he was in here just because he was doing his bit to rid the world of faggott kids. His way of thinking which his mother was also, was that homosexuals were the scourge of the earth, the great big sin, and they must be eliminated, done away with. Hitler had a similar idea when he tried to get rid of the Jews, maybe he should have concentrated on the faggotts and sent them off to the gas chambers as well. He wasn't going to back down if they put him in jail it would only strengthen his resolve to continue when he got out.It didn't take Harold, Luke and the security co-opted to help, and also documenting everything that was taking place, to get the paperwork sorted and the word had spread around the hotel about what was happening, therefore the whole place was buzzing with everyone in a happy party mode. It was close to most of residents bedtime when Harold called them into the dining room, the tables had been moved to the side and the chairs set out just like a public gallery in a courtroom. Gloria, Andy Snr. preteen model 12yo and Davey were sat maxwel preteen top in front of the judges table with Andy Jnr. Jacob, bikini preteens Dwayne and Marie sitting just behind. To the right was the security guy waiting with pen poised to take notes, with Luke and Sally sitting close by.When Harold walked in dressed in his robe, preteen lilitas Mr Jackson instructed everyone to rise. After all the bowing had taken place, Sally, as a government official of the Department of Social Services presented the petition for adoption to Harold, stating that the department had no objections to the adoption. Anyway, after all the legal mumbo jumbo was completed, in just a matter of minutes Judge Harold declared that Gloria and Harold were now the adoptive parents and legal guardians of David Carson. Once the proceedings were, completed Harold took off his robe joining everyone on the floor to congratulate Davey and his new parents. Andy Jnr., Jacob and Marie were the first to hug their new brother, followed by Carlos, Kimberly, Dwayne, Alex, Matt and the rest of the hotel residents.Tearfully Davey asked for some quiet and when the room fell silent he said, "I can never ever thank you all enough for your kindness and help, Carlos, you saved my life and I'll be in your debt for the rest of my life." Carlos blushed a deep red as everyone let out a mighty cheer. Davey continued, "Sally, I'm sorry but because of me you might well be out of work and I hope you will find something new soon. Luke, you are a kind considerate man, thank you."Just then someone at the back of the room shouted, "He a cute hunk as well." It was now Luke's turn to blush as the rest of the gang cheered."Harold and preteen bath Helen, I wish I had you around as my judge years ago, then I might have had a better chance with my life. All of you very preteenz guys I go to school with, I have never, ever met a group who are so friendly and kind, who look out for each other, help one preteen model boy another whenever help is needed, I hope we can all stay together for a long time to come. Finally, Gloria, I never imagined that night when I woke up in hospital to see a complete stranger sitting by my side that you would end up being my new mother. Not only do I have a new mom but a dad as well along with brothers and a sister. I don't know them very well yet but I hope I will soon. Earlier tonight I made this remark to Harold and the others helping me and I say it again. This feels like I have been reborn and it feels good. This is the most I have ever said at one time in my life and I have one more thing to say, does this mean that my name is now David Hernandez?" Gloria hugged him saying," yes if that is what you hot preteens thongs want."Once the cheering and preteen pic thumbs applause had died down, Andy Snr. stood up in front of the crowd calling for quiet. A hush fell over the room with everyone wondering what Andy who never said much wanted to say."Firstly welcome David Hernandez to our family." More cheers and laughter followed, when all was quiet again he continued, "To make this family whole again Gloria and I also have some news, you may have noticed that recently Gloria has changed, a change for the better I'm happy to say. This is the old Gloria, the one that I married, and should never have left behind to bring up our children. Gloria I hope you will forgive me for that?" latin preteen modelling Gloria nodded preteen teenie her head mouthing the word yes. Andy Snr. continued, "I'm taking far too long with what I have to tell you. Earlier tonight, in front of witnesses too, I asked Gloria to marry me for the second time and she said yes."For a few minutes, there was silence, then as the words sunk in big cheers. Andy Jnr., Jacob and Marie looked stunned for a moment until this news sunk in, then all three began hugging their mother and father, although Marie isn't Andy's daughter she has grown since his return to accept him. Once they had finished hugging their parent's they turned their attention to Davey welcoming him to the family. It was the closest the Hernandez family had been for many years and it took a poor abused young man to bring them all together. Jacob excused himself making his way to the room he uses as his office to call His grandfather in Austin with the news.Sally waited until Davey was on his own once more before going over to hug him. "Congratulations Davey, this is the happiest moment of my life, I'm sure from now on your life will change for the better." "Thank you Sally, without you I would have been dead and buried many months ago, you certainly helped with my rebirth as I keep calling it. But it looks now as if you might be out of a job.""Never mind Davey, it's been worth it and I'm sure something will turn up soon."As the festivities in the hotel were winding down and people began heading for bed a few others weren't feeling quite as happy. Dr. Buchanan was sitting in her lounge room an empty preteen amateurs models bourbon bottle in front of her, tears running down her cheeks as she contemplated her fate. None of her so-called public preteen sex world official friends had returned her calls all day, with everyone treating her as if she was a leper. Earlier this evening she received a phone call from the President of the college of Psychiatrists, telling her that a full inquiry would be set up to look into her methods and to see if she is a fit and proper person to carry on her chosen profession. Moaning and groaning talking to herself, she was getting madder and madder by the minute. "I'm going to be struck off because of some faggott who my son failed to kill. One miserable fucking faggott is going to ruin me. Like hell he is, I'm not going down without a fight and that fucking district attorney, who I lied in court for so he could get a good conviction not once but time after time, that's all he wanted me for. That and to screw me from time to time whenever his wife had a fucking headache. Wait preteen nudist ******** till the newspapers hear what I have to say about him and his tiny dick." She laughed hysterically as she picked up the bottle to pour another drink and then throwing it into the fireplace when she found it was empty. She closed her eyes but opened them again and began crying once more when she thought of her son in a tiny cell all alone without the comfort of his mother. Ever since litle chilt preteen her husband left her many years ago when Garrett was still in diapers he has slept with his mother, and as she lay there weeping she wondered how her dear son was faring?In fact, her son wasn't doing too well either, he too was missing the big bed with his mother by his side comforting him even though he was now seventeen years old. He'd never had a permanent girlfriend because his mother convinced him that he didn't need one just as long as she was there. In fact, this big brave leader of a school gang was crying and calling out for his mommy. Suddenly his cell door was thrown open and two burly prison guards came in grabbing him lifting him onto his feet. "If you don't fucking shut up screaming for your mommy we'll be back in here to tape your mouth so no one can hear you, understand?"Garrett meekly nodded his head and the guard said, "Good, NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP."Davey was feeling weak and tired as he went upstairs in the elevator with Gloria and Andy to their bedrooms. Kissing them both goodnight he went into his room and headed for his shower. While he was showering, he noticed a small amount of blood come from his behind, but thought nothing of it because he had the occasional bleed since the assault and rape.After drying himself, he put on pyjamas and got into bed, thinking all the time how much his luck had changed. He began slowly drifting off to sleep felling dizzy and a bit faint but not taking it too seriously. He'd been asleep for about an hour when he woke feeling very dizzy and he was lying in a wet pool of something. His first thought was I've pissed myself but didn't think so because it's been a few years since he last did that. He turned on his bedside light feeling the wet sheets with his hand. When he brought his hand back up it was coloured red. Feeling very faint and not thinking straight, he looked at his hand not fully aware of what was going on until he felt a searing pain in his butt, which went right through his body. preteen puberty pix The pain was so intense that he screamed at the top of his voice bringing Gloria and Andy running in from their room next door. When Gloria saw the amount of blood staining the sheets she too let out a scream, "Davey, what's happened?" But by now Davey was almost unconscious as the blood continued to pour from out of his anus. Andy quickly ran next door to call 911 while Gloria tried to bring Davey round.The whole floor of the hotel was awake by now all wondering what on earth was happening. It took the paramedics only ten minutes to arrive and after inserting a drip into Davey's arm, they rushed him downstairs to the ambulance. Jacob came running out asking them to take Davey to Providence Hospital, while he phoned his good friend and lifesaver Dr. Whitmore to meet them there. At that time of the morning it didn't take the ambulance long to get to the emergency department of the hospital and he was rushed into a medical bay were the staff began treating him immediately. About twenty minutes preteen virgin schoolgirl later Dr. Whitmore arrived and Gloria explained to him what had happened. He suggested to Gloria and all the others who had come down to the hospital to wait in the reception area and as soon as he had examined Davey he would be back out to talk to them. Andy Snr. suggested that all the younger ones who came with them go back to the hotel to get some sleep because they'll have school tomorrow, while he and Gloria will stay with Davey. Some protested including Jacob, Dwayne and Andy Jnr. However, both parents insisted that it was pointless they all stayed.Reluctantly they left, leaving Gloria and Andy sitting there holding on to each other wondering if their new son was going to even last the night. It was close to two hours later when Dr. Whitmore came out to see them."I'm sorry about the delay but I had to operate right away to repair a major blood vessel which had been weakened by the usenet photos preteens abuse Davey had received. I have repaired the leak after a fashion, but more work will have to be done." He paused gathering his thoughts, wondering how he was going to explain the next bit of news to Davey's new parents."He is currently in an induced coma because we don't want him to move around too much otherwise he could preteen model sylvia begin bleeding again, also he has lost almost half of the blood in his body so we have had to give him some massive transfusions and that brings us to another even more serious problem."Both of his new parents went pale with worry waiting for the good doctor to continue."What can be any worse than all that Doctor?" Andy asked."Davey has a very rare blood group, A- and only about six per cent of Americans have this blood type. We have had to give him so much blood to replace what he has lost that we have used up El Paso's entire stock of A- blood. We used what we had here at Providence within minutes, and had blood rushed over here from all the other hospitals in the El Paso district, but that won't be enough.""So what's the answer doctor what can be done?" "We need to find a donor who is willing to come in so we can hook him up to Davey and transfer blood until his wounds begin to mend again.""How long do you have to find a donor Doctor?" "I would say the situation would be getting dangerous by about midday tomorrow unless we find a donor or two. If we could find two that would be ideal. Right now, you can go up to intensive care to sit with him although he won't be awake, but we must also be ready to face the fact that if he makes it through the night, without more blood I'm sorry but tomorrow it will be touch and go.Before they went upstairs to intensive care, they phoned the hotel to tell them what was happening. When that was done they entered Davey's room which was in semi-darkness and both were shocked to see a very pale frail young man lying there surrounded by machines and with tubes coming preteen 14yr preteen posted gallery out of his body everywhere. Gloria couldn't handle it bursting into tears at the sight of her new son lying there dying. Both of them knelt down at his bedside and while they weren't regular churchgoers they prayed together asking God to spare them this poor young man who they have preteen wet girls grown to love in such a short space of time. They also prayed that a blood donor would be found quickly so their son could be saved.To Be Continued.Writers' corner: I don't usually have a writer's corner with my stories but I intend to do so with this one. Poor Davey one minute he's up the next down. It was all good news that he has new parents along with brothers and sisters who are kind and caring. Gloria and Andy Snr. remarrying was also a big surprise for everybody. While the wedding date as still to be set I'm sure Jacob will cover that in `Jacob finding his way'.The doctor is certainly heading for a rough ride and faces the possibility of being struck off. We also found out what a wicked bastard Garrett is. His mother has done a good job on him. The court case against Doctor Buchanan is a shaky one, but I think it will result in a conviction.Finally, Dr. Whitmore desperately wants blood donors otherwise Davey may not last through the next twenty-four hours. I hope they are found and quick. I suppose I should also offer an apology for having a cliff-hanger at the end of the chapter, but I'm not going to apologize because I'm almost as sadistic and evil under preteen skirt as Jacob is, LOL. Please let us know how we are going and what you think of this chapter. I can assure you there are many different plots emerging in this story so stay tuned. I hope you can naked preteen kiddy wait three weeks for the next episode.If you would like to read, my stories and those of JPG as well why not go to our new web site. You can also subscribe so that we can E-mail you when a new chapter of any of our stories is published. It's free and a great site with polls discussion pages and links to many other authors.Go to http://jacobmillertex.comHugs
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